The Browlift Tampa Patients Want

As people get older, their skin and facial muscles begin to slowly lose their tone. Some people wind up with extra skin in the forehead area. This can cause the eyebrows to droop over a person’s eyelids. Sometimes lines form in between a patient’s eyebrows or on the forehead. These telltale lines are often referred to as frown lines. Even when the person is happy, others might wrongly believe they are angry or upset. The Browlift Tampa patients want helps makes this area smoother and more youthful. An endoscopic brow lift is a way to get rid of the wrinkles and sagging that make a person look unhappy all the time. A patient regains the ability to show expression and maintain a younger appearance. Other people will once again be able to see when they are in a good mood.

The Browlift Tampa patients choose is often an endoscopic one or a forehead lift. There is a major advantage to this choice. The incisions are small and placed in areas that are inconspicuous, such as behind the hairline and in the scalp. This surgery is less invasive than ones that require bigger incisions, such as a coronal Browlift. Usually there are less complications associated with the endoscopic brow lift. In some instances, the patient might want to combine this surgery with other types of surgery. The doctor will discuss the patient’s desired results and recommend surgeries to achieve them. These might include a face lift or eyelid surgery or other types of surgery. After the surgery, the patient has elevated eyebrows without the sagging and furrows in the forehead.

Like most other types of surgery, the patient is anesthetized before it begins. Small incisions are made to make it possible for an endoscope to get to the right spots for treatment. Certain instruments are used by the doctor to take care of the excess forehead skin and reduce the muscles between the patient’s brows. The results are natural because no changes are made to the patient’s hairline. There is also less bruising and swelling so a patient heals more quickly after the surgery. Contact the doctor today to find out more about this incredible surgery that can visibly improve the area around your eyes.

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