The different methods of lawn sprinkling

by | May 10, 2013 | Agricultural

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Lawns require watering to keep the root system healthy and to keep the lawn lush and green, to do this, sprinkling systems in Hamilton are often employed. There are several options for lawn and garden watering, the best choice from the options is the one best suited to the climate and the growing conditions. Sprinkling systems in Hamilton are very important in dry, arid regions because there usually is not enough natural precipitation to keep the lawn alive let alone healthy. As well as the climate are the soil conditions and how long it takes to be absorbed.

One method of lawn and garden irrigation is drip irrigation. Drip irrigation waters the area continuously with a small amount of water, in this way the lawn never dries out completely. The water is delivered to the garden through a soaker hose, a hose which has many tiny perforations along its length. This method of irrigation tends to conserve water as it is delivered to the plants at ground level rather than broadcast it where it is subject to evaporation. Drip irrigation goes immediately to the root system, driving the roots deep into the soil. Drip irrigation is impractical for watering lawns but it is ideal for watering border gardens.

sprinkling systems in Hamilton are the favored way of delivering water to a lawn. Sprinkling systems are primarily used in a residential setting; they can be simple and economical. All that is needed to effectively water the lawn is a length of hose and a sprinkler head. The sprinkler heads can be rotary or oscillating, but regardless of the type, they perform the same function.

The rotary sprinkler works by sending a stream of water in a full circle using a sprinkler head that continuously spins. Fixed sprinklers usually work by delivering a spray of water in the shape of a fan, normally several fixed sprinklers are employed so there is minimal overlap of the spray, thus allowing the entire lawn to be water at one time.

The ideal sprinkling systems in Hamilton employ automated underground irrigation. These systems are professionally designed so that the pop-up sprinkler heads appear when it is time to water and disappear when the job is done. They eliminated the need for placing hoses and as they are timed, they conserve water.

Underground sprinkling systems in Hamilton are the ideal solution for lawn watering. Aqua-Tec Irrigation, Inc will design the system, using different style sprinkler heads so that water is delivered only where it will do some good; not on the driveway.