The Ease And Beauty Of A Poured Floor

People who need new floors have their work cut out for them. There are so many types of flooring. Moreover, what one selects must be attractive, durable and easy to clean. Carpet is always an attractive choice. It comes in many colors and styles. Further, some people like to walk barefoot and carpet keeps the toes warm. However, carpet is difficult to keep clean in high-traffic areas. This is especially true with lighter colored carpet. Homeowners also have to pay for periodic cleaning. On the other hand, ceramic tile is an elegant floor covering. The tile is sold in different finishes including matte, glazed and textured. One of the negative aspects of ceramic tiles is having to clean grout lines.

The poured floor is popular for residential use. Once upon a time, poured floors were only found in industrial and commercial buildings. However, the simplicity of the process is appealing to homeowners. There are several types of poured floors including epoxy, resin and rubber. What people like is the seamless, shiny look of this material. In addition, there are no baseboards to have to clean. That is a totally modern idea. Indeed, a poured floor is much more sanitary than others. There are no cracks and lines for dust and bacteria to collect. Likewise, the non-porous surface is easy to clean with a mop and water. The flooring comes in different colors and patterns. Patterns include marble finishes and terrazzo-like looks.

The popularity of hardwood floors is here to stay. The hardwood is very elegant looking accented by an oriental rug. Indeed, it is a very sophisticated look. Hardwood flooring comes in pine, pecan, cherry, oak and many more finishes. Surprisingly, hardwood floors are durable and the surface can be refinished. However, the original floor lasts a very long time. Hardwood can be tricky to clean. It is wise to invest in products made especially for this type of floor. Bamboo is a new material to hit the flooring market. It is considered a green choice. That is because bamboo is a sustainable material. The color of bamboo floors ranges from light brown to light tan. Further, the material is durable and easy to clean. To learn more, visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!

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