The Evolution of Plastic Bags

Shopping bags have been around as long as people have been purchasing products from stores. While these bags were traditionally just plain sacks to carry things in, times have changed. Bags have evolved over the last several decades. They are no longer purchased just because they have a function to serve people in carrying multiple things at once. They are purchased for branding purposes, style, color, and fashion reasons as well. Decades ago, companies realized that they could market their businesses cheaply, by buying custom bags. When customers carried their bags through town, or through a shopping center, all of the people nearby would see that they purchased products from a particular store. This would in turn make other people want to shop at the same store, if the person they saw had any type of influence in the community.

Cost Effective Customized Plastic Bag Solutions

Custom bags started out with companies simply putting their names on the shopping bags. They weren’t necessarily attractive in the early days, but they did their job by branding the company, and helping the customer to carry their purchases. As time went on, stores and boutiques started placing their logos on the bags, developed certain color schemes and graphic designs, and even added draw strings in some cases. They could do this for just a few pennies per bag when they purchased them in high volume from a reputable bag manufacturer. This was a very cost-effective way to brand their products and company names.

Paper Bags vs. Plastic Bags

Paper bags typically only have a company name and possibly their logo in some cases, but you don’t get the color and style options with paper like you do with plastic. Paper bags will typically be seen at grocery stores and smaller business, while plastic bags are used more by boutiques, specialty stores, novelty shops, and in grocery stores as well. We have all been in the grocery stores and heard the baggers ask us if we want paper or plastic. They offer both for the convenience of their customers, but they secretly hope you will choose plastic, since they are able to purchase plastic bags for much lower prices than what they pay for paper bags.

Universal Plastic offers customized shopping bag solutions for major retailers and other businesses around the world. They are one of the leading bag manufacturers in the industry.

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