The Importance of Cybersecurity

When you own a website, cybersecurity should be of utmost concern. Whether you run your own server or trust another company to host it for you, you need to be fully informed of the security measures taken to keep your information, as well as that of your customers, safe. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for new sites to break into; do not let it be your site.

Passwords Are Important

The password you create is the first level of security for your website. Choose the combination of letters and numbers you use carefully. Avoid using words anyone could tie into your business or your personal life. Making up a word is your best bet because it reduces the risk of hackers figuring it out. In addition, you should use a combination of letters in both upper case and lower case and numbers. The more difficult you make your password, the more secure your server.

Don’t Get Over Confident

Many business owners get over confident in their security, assuming they will never be attacked. This complacency is exactly what gets businesses hacked. Always stay on top of the latest security threats and methods for increasing your cybersecurity to ensure the safety of your important business information, as well as the information of your customers. No website or server is too small or too safe to be hacked.

Watch Your Files

Every file you tie into your website can be crawled by the search engines. This means files you never meant for the public eye to see can be easily found. For this reason, you need to do more than create a directory no one else knows about. If the files must be tied into your website, put them in a file with a secure password. You can also add a robots.txt file in the directory to prevent robots from crawling your site. This is not a perfect solution but could prevent some robots from crawling your site.

Cybersecurity should be of utmost concern when you are creating your website, whether you run your own server or not. Your customers need to be able to trust your site or they will avoid providing you with any information or may not shop on your site. Choose your passwords carefully, ensuring they meet the strictest standards to prevent hackers from obtaining them. In addition, you should always stay on top of your game, never assuming your site is hack-proof; someone will always find a way.

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