The Important Facts a Solar Installer in New Jersey Can Tell You

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Energy

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If you are considering the switch to solar power rather than running your electricity strictly off the electric grid that is connected to the utility company, you likely have many questions. Before you make the actual switch, it is important to talk to your solar installer New Jersey to learn about the available incentives or rebates, financing options and the benefit of making your home energy efficient in addition to the installation of solar panels.

Rebates or Incentives

Quite often the government offers incentives to encourage homeowners to utilize solar power on their home. You can consult with your professional company that will perform your installation to determine if there are any federal, state or even municipal incentives you can take advantage of to make your equipment more affordable. In addition, some utility companies offer rebates or their own incentives. In order to ensure you qualify for these programs, your installer will make sure your equipment and home meet the requirements.


Even though you have likely heard going solar is a costly upfront investment, you should not discount your ability to obtain it. There are a variety of financing and leasing options available that your solar installer in New Jersey can discuss with you. If you are honest with the company you are working with about your financial ability to obtain solar energy on your home, they will help you find the program that makes it the most affordable for you.

Energy Efficiency

While solar panels will help decrease your utility bills, they will not eliminate them altogether unless you take a few important steps inside your home. Take a walk around to determine if you have any drafts in your windows, holes in your roof or leaks in your air ducts. Any of these factors can cause your home to require more energy, making it necessary to draw from the electric grid. When you make your home as efficient as possible, you give your solar panels a better chance at working.

Even though the switch to solar power seems quite costly, both as an upfront investment and ongoing with your monthly utility bills, there are a variety of ways to make it affordable. A quick consultation with your solar installer in New Jersey will help you determine what help you are eligible for, as well as how to make the inside of your home as energy efficient as possible, giving solar energy its best chance at success.