The Methods Used in Articulation Therapy in NJ

When children cannot pronounce certain sounds correctly, they are having difficulty with articulation. Before your child receives any type of articulation therapy NJ, he will undergo assessments to determine exactly which sounds he is having difficulty with, as well as what types of difficulty. Some children can mimic what a person says but when saying the sounds on their own, they don’t pronounce them correctly. For others, they simply cannot pronounce the sounds at all. The level of difficulty will determine the type of therapy required.

Isolating Sounds

When the sounds your child cannot say are isolated, it simply means a parent or therapist is coaxing them to make the correct sound on its own, not as a part of a word. This could be encouraging a child to say the “th” sound or any other sound they are having difficulty saying. Once a child is able to mimic the adult saying the sound, they are considered stimulable and can move on to learning how to incorporate the sound correctly in normal conversation.

Changing Syllables

Once a child is able to pronounce a sound correctly on its own, they will begin to work on using it in various places in different words during articulation therapy in NJ. This means they will try to pronounce just the parts of the words with the troubled sound in the front, middle and end of a word. This will help the therapist teach your child how to form the letter with his tongue and mouth correctly when used in different ways.

Moving on to Words

Once the syllables are mastered, the therapist will then start to work with your child on pronouncing whole words with the sound in it. This can be done in a variety of ways, including flash cards or simply mimicking the adult saying the word. As the child progresses, more interesting ways of learning can be incorporated, such as treasure hunts for words, memory games and various other learning stimulants that make saying the words the right way fun.

Articulation therapy in NJ is a powerful way to help children pronounce their words correctly. Once the reason for the articulation issue is determined and any necessary steps to correct the issue are taken, the actual speech can be worked on. The articulation therapist will work closely with your child, creating an individualized plan that will help your child pronounce his words correctly.

Cornerstone Speech & Language provides articulation therapy to correct articulation difficulties much quicker than traditional therapy techniques in NJ.

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