Three reasons you should consider loading platforms

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Have you ever seen a liquid tanker, petrol, milk or any other for that matter and asked yourself how do they get to the top of the tanker to work in safety? A set of rickety step ladders will invite visits from the Health and Safety Executive. This is not good enough. The answer is a loading platform. No matter how big or small the tanker, or the size of your organization, there is a need to be satisfied. Loading platforms come in all shapes and sizes, some are even portable. All the platforms have one thing in common. They provide your employees with a safe working environment.

1: Installation

It is well known that you do not rush into buying any piece of expensive equipment. Questions must be asked so that you get the best quality for the money you are paying. The actual installation can be finished in under a day, so this is only minimal disruption to the work flow. One of the factors that enable fast installation is that the platform is of modular design so sub-assembly can take place off site. Low maintenance costs are another factor, as is the size of the footprint of the platform especially if the area you are working in is compact.

2: Safety for your staff

Employee safety is paramount, which is why loading platforms are designed to incorporate many important safety features. Wide access to the tanker, non slip stairs, platform floors and folding stairs are installed as standard. Safety handrails and knee bars help reduce the risk of slipping and industrial injury. Fully drainable, non-slip, working platforms are a must as the platform will more than likely be used outdoors. Kicker plates are fitted as a rule so that items dropped will stay on the platform and not fall to the ground potentially causing injury to anyone below. For larger platforms an intermediate landing is mandatory. Weather canopies can also be fitted.

3: Flexible Construction Options

Loading platforms are big and heavy. Made from hot-dip, galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and minimize maintenance costs. Larger platforms can have a multitude of extras incorporated into the design.

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