Tipping Guide for Passengers of Taxi Montebello

When you budget for taxi rides, you need to plan ahead for tips. Tipping is different for each country, but in America the general rule is how much you would tip a waitress or waiter – fifteen percent. Here is a tipping guide for whenever you need a Taxi Montebello.

When to Tip High

Always reward good work with a high tip of twenty percent or more. You may need to use the driver again. If the driver helps you get a good hotel, carries piles of luggage, drives you to a dangerous neighborhood without complaining or drives out of his usual area where he will not be able to pick up a return fare, tip generously.

When To Tip Low

Tipping low means that you do leave a tip, but it’s less than fifteen percent. If a taxi driver isn’t paying attention to our directions or seems to be intentionally stretching out the ride, tip low. Remember that taxi drivers do not control traffic or the weather. The best taxi drivers will follow road rules and the speed limit, no matter how much of a rush you are in. They want you to get to your destination in one piece.

Tipping With Credit Cards

It’s more polite to tip with cash even if you are paying by credit card or a debit card. Before getting into the cab, ask the driver if her credit card machine is working. Some cities like Philadelphia require all cabs to accept credit cards or debit cards. You can add a tip to the credit card amount, but the driver usually has to pay a fee for doing a transaction by credit card.

What About Rude Drivers?

There’s no law stating that you absolutely have to tip rude taxi drivers. If a driver is rude, do not pay a tip. Before you get out of the cab, make a note of the taxi driver’s license number. Use this number if you want to lodge a complaint. If a driver seems dangerous, demand that he or she pull over and get out. If the driver complains, call the police.

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