Tips for Hiring the Best Private Investigators in Westchester County

Many people are under the misconception that the main reasons anyone would hire a private investigator is for a divorce or a case of infidelity. While those two reasons are very common, private investigators work on a wide range of cases. They can help people locate missing family members, help adopted children find their biological parents for medical histories, background checks for anyone you are thinking of hiring to work with your children, or even if you suspect your parents are being defrauded and you want more information on that particular individual. No matter what the circumstance is, here are some great tips for hiring the best Private Investigators in Westchester County.

When looking at potential private investigators, you should always take a look at what kind of experience they have. In this particular business, there are no guarantees that the investigator will find anything. But the more experience an investigator has, the more likely they are to be able to find something worth while to you. Many investigators will have previous law enforcement or military experience and that may come in handy depending on what you are asking them to investigate.

It is also advisable to select a private investigator that is licensed and insured. Some states require that the investigator has completed a minimum number of law enforcement hours and pass a state issued Private Investigator’s exam before issuing a license. Be sure to ask if the investigator is insured as well. This will protect you if they damage property while working. Since they are working on your behalf and they are not insured, you will ultimately be responsible for any damages.

When you have finally selected a private investigator to work with, be sure to ask for a contract or to find out how they charge for their business. They may charge by the hour, like an attorney does and in that case, it would be best to find out how many hours they expect to work on your case. Some private investigators will charge a flat fee. The important thing to remember is not all private investigators are equal and their prices may reflect that.

Just be sure to pick an investigator that you feel comfortable with and with these tips, you should be able to find the best Private Investigators in Westchester County.

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