Tree Removal Includes The Stump

There are times when a tree has to be removed. The tree may be diseased, dead, poses a hazard or has simply outgrown its intended spot. A team of qualified tree removal experts can take the tree down to the stump safely and efficiently, leaving nothing but the stump. The stump also needs to be removed.

If the stump is not taken out; it will not take long for it to rot and become the nesting home of pests, including termites. If the stump is close to your house, then the possibilities of the termites extending their range to the house is great, this is also true if the stump is close to healthy trees, they too can be infested. The easiest way to solve the problem is stump grinding in Huntsville.

Depending on the type of tree that was removed, the root network will be different. If the tree was a pine, the root network will be well spread out but not very deep. If the tree was a however, the root will be very deep. The removal of these different types of roots and stumps requires different techniques.

Although the stump removal techniques may vary from tree to tree, there is one common denominator; it is hard work. Without the proper knowledge on stump grinding Huntsville area, the removal can be dangerous and, if done improperly, can damage the house and surrounding property.

Stump removal:

Shallow rooted trees such as the pine are best removed by hand digging. Using a shovel, an axe, a grub-hoe, root saw and loppers the root and stump are exposed and then cut back using the most appropriate tool. As the individual roots are separated from the main root, they are grubbed out and removed.

For deeper roots where hand digging is impractical, stump grinding in Huntsville is employed. A stump grinder is a machine with a grinding wheel with carbide teeth. The wheel rotates at a very high revolution and chips the stump into nothing more than a pile of sawdust. Normally the stump is ground to at least 12 inches below the surface. What is left makes great compost but if you do not maintain a compost heap, the tree service company that ground the stump will remove the chippings. The root that is left is covered with soil and in time, it will rot down harmlessly. There will be no obstructions if you want to lay sod or plant grass where the tree once stood.

If there is a time constraint and the stump must be completely removed and you cannot wait for nature, the process of rotting can be accelerated by using chemicals that speeds up decomposition.

If the stump is not taken out; it will not take long for it to rot and become the nesting home of pests, including termites. The easiest way to solve problem is by visiting All Star Tree Services for stump grinding in Huntsville area.

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