Truck Accidents in St. Louis Have the Potential to Cause Major Damage to People and Property

by | May 24, 2013 | Lawyers

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People drive on the highways next to trucks every day without a second thought about the dangers such a vehicle poses to them. A semi is thousands of rolling pounds of steel that becomes deadly the moment someone makes a bad decision. Sometimes, that bad decision is the driver of the vehicle, or the company pushing the driver beyond federal limits and into unsafe operating conditions. One mistake, one moment of inattention and the results of Truck Accidents St. Louis can change the lives of those around them.

When a tractor-trailer goes out of control, all the cars around it are at risk of becoming severely damaged, causing serious injury to those who are inside the cars. A passenger vehicle has no chance of staying mostly intact when hit by a semi. The outcome is typically serious injuries or death for those who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Extensive rehabilitation is involved for those who survive, and families are altered permanently for those who do not. All of this could have been avoided had someone exercised sound judgment. Instead, Truck Accidents St. Louis cost many people dearly.

A truck accident has numerous causes, some of them innocent, others not so innocent. Sometimes a driver in the truckers blind spot causes the collision, and fault in this situation is a little more difficult to determine. Other times, the trucker is being pushed past legal driving limits by the company, and is falling asleep behind the wheel. In this scenario, the trucker should have used good judgment and cited the law, but companies have no problem firing a driver for toeing the line. As a result, the driver feels as if he has no other option but to comply, and keeps driving. This spells disaster.

After an accident with a semi, don’t rely on the company and insurance to do its job. Contact an attorney for help. When you obtain representation, the offenders are far less likely to try to get out of their responsibilities, and work more readily towards a settlement. A lawsuit is not easy to get through, but the option of allowing the offenders dictate the settlement is a bad one. Retain an attorney to help you fight back.