Use VHS To DVD Conversion To Reduce Your Movie Library Storage Space

Home theater owners take advantage of VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA for a variety of reasons. One of these is that DVD storage has a much higher longevity than VHS storage. DVDs are not as susceptible to damage through proximity to magnetic sources such as power supplies, or heat sources, such as the cooling fan outlets of laptops or video recording equipment. DVDs are much less susceptible to mishap as well. A DVD will play well even when an owner is careless and leaves the DVD out of the box. As long as the scratches to the upper surface are not severe, a DVD will play well even with a bit of rough handling. VHS tapes on the other hand, are vulnerable to damage even with the highest care. The worst problem is when an unfriendly VHS player grabs the tape out of the VHS cassette holder, and breaks or mangles it. Replacing the tape into the cassette can be a tedious, if not impossible, job. However, one of the most popular reasons to use VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA is to reduce the size of the video library.

A VHS cassette tape is an inch in width. The standard commercial release boxes for VHS tapes are almost 1 1/8” in width. This made the tapes the width of a medium-sized book. In fact, the length and height of VHS boxes were ideal for storing in the same bookshelves used for displaying books. The problem is that movie lovers were filling their bookshelves full of movies much faster than they were filling them with books. It was not unusual for movie owners to fill entire closets with their video library. Many VHS owners were surprised to find that their video libraries easily surpassed a hundred tapes or more, and they were simply having trouble finding space to store the libraries. One of the most frustrating problems is having a longer movie in two parts (think Titanic) and having the two tapes separated and difficult to find amongst all the other tapes.

The solution was for video buffs to take their video libraries and do a VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA. Commercial DVD movies are released in a 3/8” wide box that gives a space savings of about three-to-one. In addition, DVDs can hold more information and two-cassette movies like Titanic now fit on a single DVD.

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