Uses For Alkaline Antioxidant Water

An alkaline antioxidant water machine produces water in two distinct streams. One stream is acidic and has a lower pH; the other stream is alkaline, which has a higher pH. The settings on the machine can be adjusted; water with different levels of pH has different potential uses.

Alkaline water with a pH between 8.0 and 9.0
This usually is the lowest setting that is found on an alkaline antioxidant water machine; this level is suitable for:

  • First use: For the first couple of weeks of using alkaline water, it is recommended to start at a low level which allows the system to begin releasing toxins and restore the body’s pH balance.
  • Children: As youngsters have been exposed to environmental toxins for less time than adults, they are best served by taking milder alkaline ionized water. The child’s system is still maturing, and it is best that their natural pH continues to naturally develop.
  • Pets: The only pet that can benefit from high levels of pH would be one with a chronic illness. Lower levels of alkalinity are recommended, and alkaline water must never be used in a fish tank.

Alkaline water with a pH between 9.0 and 9.5

This is the level which is most often recommended for drinking water and is suitable for:

  • Drinking during the day
  • Mixing nutritional supplements from powder
  • Taking with powdered aspirin for faster relief from headaches and muscle pain
  • Drinking before, during and after intense physical exertion, it aids in improved performance and recovery

Alkaline water with a pH of 10.0 and higher

This is a level still used by some for drinking water, but most often it is used for:

  • Making coffee, tea and soup
  • Marinades
  • Cleaning fruit and vegetables to remove pesticide residue
  • Soaking fruits and vegetable, adds sweetness and reduces the bitter taste of fruits such as strawberries
  • Reduces the toughness and gamey taste of free range meats

Many processed foods; candy, soda, flavored tea, etc., are high in acid content. When these foods are combined in the stomach with the body’s natural acids that are gotten from orange juice, tomatoes and other acidic foods, there is a marked increase in acidosis. This can weaken a person’s immune system, making them more prone to sickness.

When your body has been taking alkaline water for some time, it leads to a reduced level acidosis. Ionized water has also travelled through a filter during the process, which leads to a water which is cleaner as well as healthier. Typical water from the tap contains chlorine, trace metals and organic compounds, some of which are considered carcinogenic and cancer causing.

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