Using at Chemical Peels for Acne Scars in Charlotte NC

When you finally rid your face, neck or back of unsightly acne, it can be a huge relief. Unfortunately for many people, the acne leaves behind scars that are just as embarrassing as the acne once was. In many cases, if the scars are dealt with early enough, they can easily be cared for at home. Understanding what to look for and how to use at Chemical Peels Charlotte NC for acne scars can help you treat your scars as early as possible.


The easiest and least invasive way to handle your acne scars at home is with Retin-A. This easy-to-use cream helps generate new, healthy skin cells. It also helps to get rid of the dead cells, leaving you with a new, shiny appearance to your skin. Retin-A has been proven as an effective way to smooth textured skin out, helping acne sufferers learn to love their skin again.


For those people who did not catch the acne scars early enough, Retin-A might not be a viable solution. For this group, at Chemical Peels Charlotte NC for acne scars are the next best choice. These peels work as a more in-depth product by exfoliating the skin. Unlike the chemical peels you can receive at a dermatologist’s office, the at home version simply sloughs off the top layer of skin. This enables a new layer of skin to grow back. The new layer is typically shiny and smooth, eliminating the appearance of minor acne scars.

More In-Depth Help

If your acne scars are beyond what an at home exfoliation can do, you might have to see your dermatologist for a more intense process. There are a few other chemical peels that can be performed under the supervision of a dermatologist. The most common product is the trichloroacetic acid peel, which actually burns the outer layer of skin and removes deep acne scars.

When you finally free your skin of acne, it can be bothersome to be left with acne scars. If you act quickly enough, you might be able to use Retin-A or one of the at Chemical Peels Charlotte NC for acne scars that are available. If your case is severe, you might have to make an appointment with your dermatologist to go through a stronger procedure in the office, enabling you to renew the appearance of your skin and live without acne and acne scars.

 For more information about at Chemical Peels Charlotte NC for acne scars, visit The Center for Women’s Aesthetics.

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