Using Laughter Therapy For Relaxation

Laughter is a great method to utilize when you are in need of some emotional and physical release. This can either be after a long week at work, dealing with your children when they have been extra active, dealing with a problem in the family, or when a loved one has passed away. Simply by taking a few minutes to laugh each day, you will be able to feel relaxed and more energized while realizing that many of your daily problems are not all that important. This laughter, known as laughter therapy, is a great option to use to provide you with a multitude of ways to feel more relaxed. Some things that you should know and understand about laughter therapy including both the mental and physical benefits associated with this therapy and how you can use this therapy to improve your overall health.

Mental Benefits

There are many ways that laughter therapy is able to benefit your mental health. Some of these include reducing any stressful feelings that you have in your daily life along with teaching you how to switch from negative feelings that occur to positive feelings. You will be able to use this form of therapy to obtain a true way of expressing any feelings you have and allows you to be less defensive and more spontaneous. Along these lines, you will be found as more creative if you enjoy laughter in your daily life. If you feel that negative thoughts and stress rule over your daily life, it may be time to consider this therapy to help give you a positive outlook on many tasks and make life more enjoyable.

Physical Benefits

While these are thought of less commonly in regards to laughter compared to the mental benefits, there are some physical benefits that you can enjoy by following laughter therapy. You will work out your lungs and abs if you use frequent laughter along with increasing your blood flow. You will be taking in a large amount of oxygen, which allows your body to heal faster. Because of the mental benefit of reducing your stress levels through laughter therapy, you will also find a reduced blood pressure and other heart diseases.

How to Use Therapy

There have been numerous studies done on the effects of laughter therapy on children and other adults. Those who were experiencing physical pain were found to better cope with the pain while watching humorous videos than those who just suffered through the pain. You can use this therapy to your advantage by increasing the amount of laughs contained in your day. Include a funny show, listening to your favorite comedian, doing something funny with the kids, or finding a therapist who performs laughter therapy to assist you.

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