Ways to Clean Out the Cesspool in Your Septic Tank

A cesspool is a part of your general septic tanks used in your family home; while it is a component of the septic system in your home, most new homes have replaced the cesspool with a septic tank instead. These cesspools are made of a large hole that is lined with concrete and is covered up by a concrete lid in order to protect the contents that are inside. When it is time to clean out the cesspool in your septic system there are four methods that you can choose from. This includes Cesspool Pumping Suffolk County, aeration of the cesspool, use of hydro-jetting, and caustic soda. Each of these will provide benefits and negatives too your cesspool and will need to be chosen based on research.


The first option available for cleaning out the cesspool of your septic system is cesspool pumping in Suffolk County. This method involves pumping out all of the waste and bacteria that has accumulated in your cesspool and draining out all of the water. This process is accomplished with the help of a tank and a suctioning hose, which is for hire through a company that provides cesspool pumping in Suffolk County. When performing this process, it is important that everything is drained out of the cesspool including all solids, sludge, and liquids.


Another process of cleaning out your cesspool includes the process of aeration; aeration is a process that dissolves a sulfuric acid chemical into the cesspool in order to evaporate all of the water located in the cesspool. By allowing all of the water to be dissolved, the solid and sludge in the cesspool will break up on their own.


Hydro-jetting is an alternative to cesspool pumping in Suffolk County for cleaning out the cesspool. This method allows you to use forceful water in order to separate the sludge and liquids lying on the bottom of your cesspool. This is a quick process, which allows you to clear out the cesspool and allows the levels in the cesspool to return back to normal. It is important to find a company who specializes in cleaning cesspools in to perform this action for you to ensure it is done properly.

Caustic soda

After performing several of the other actions such as aeration and hydro-jetting, it is a good idea to treat the cesspool in a process, which involves caustic soda. This process allows an opening of the cesspool tank and will promote the sludge and liquids to seep out naturally out of your cesspool; it will also break off all of the other scum and grease that build up on the cesspool and can clog it up.

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