What Are Some of The Favorite Swimming Pool Toys?

by | May 27, 2013 | Swimming pools

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Swimming pools are great, but they can be even more fun when they are loaded with toys. Jumping and splashing and playing are much more enjoyable when there are toys around as well as water. The word “toys” seems to indicate that it’s kids stuff but not so with swimming pool toys; they are as much fun for adults as they are for the children.

To turn the pool into a relaxation spot, floating loungers, floats and rings are common additions to the pool. These floats come in many different sizes and shapes, some are flat, not unlike an air mattress while others look like a big old comfy arm chair with recesses to hold cans of your favorite beverage. Children love inflatable rings as they can go through them as if they were a porpoise, just bear in mind though that they are not to be thought of as a life saving device. Many small children may not be ready for swimming pool toys of any sort; they are much better off wearing a life vest when they are in the pool.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” really holds true for swimming pool toys. The inexpensive products are usually made from a very thin vinyl and are subject to seam breaks and punctures. Any pool owner who has a number of inexpensive inflatable toys had better have a repair kit handy. A great choice is what are called noodles; these are long, thin strands of Styrofoam that don’t lose air because they don’t have any but they do keep you afloat. Unfortunately, you can’t lay on them like an inflatable lounger.

For those who would prefer to play in the pool rather than relax, there are plenty of options. One of the all time favorites is a beach ball. A beach ball can be used for water polo, water volleyball or dodgem games. A rather new addition to ball games is floating nets which are great for water basketball. Toys like this are a must when you have a pool party. It’s also fun to have a few super soakers around; they can be a lot of fun outside the pool as well as in it.