What To Ask Your Attorney In Idaho Falls

by | May 7, 2013 | Attorney

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A man who represents himself has a fool for a client. This old adage is true in a court of law when the laws themselves are constantly changing. If you find yourself in a position where your rights are likely to be violated, seek the help of an attorney. Schedule a free first consultation meeting with an Attorney Idaho Falls and within a few minutes you will know if you will work well with this particular legal representative.

There are special types of lawyers depending on the aspects of your case. Determine what type of Attorney Idaho Falls you will need. Are you going through a bankruptcy? Does your case involve real estate? Do you need advice or legal representation concerning business or contracts? A personal injury attorney helps with accidents while yet another handles workers compensation issues. Wills, estates and family law are another type of lawyer altogether. Determine which category your case will fall under.

Your initial consultation is an interview. This will be your opportunity to know about what the attorney experiences are in your type of case and if you can work with this attorney. Ask about areas and years in the particular specialty and ask about the likelihood of your case. Determine fees now and figure out if your case will be charged a flat fee, contingency based or if you will be an hourly rate client. Find out if the lawyer you are interviewing will in fact be the one that will be working your case.

In addition to the basic facts about the case, find out what to do to help your case. Can you be an active participant in the case providing details and even doing research to break down costs? If you have questions can you contact the lawyer or will you be speaking through a secretary or paralegal?

Fees are going to be expensive regardless of the type of fee arrangement you have settled upon. If you are not happy with the settlement or final judgment in the case, will your Attorney Idaho falls continue with you to the next step and into the appeals court?