What You Can Learn at Beauty Schools in Aurora

Many women and men go into beauty school because they want to become a professional hairstylist or makeup artist. Beauty Schools Aurora residents can attend offer a wide selection of classes on a variety of different subjects. Students will learn everything they need to about hair, nails, and makeup.

Cosmetology : Those going into the general area of Cosmetology will learn everything about all subjects. They will receive training for cutting hair, styling hair, and coloring hair. They will learn how to work with skin and nails of different types to make them up the right way. Make-up techniques and nail design techniques will be learned. Students will even get experience working for real clients so they can learn what it takes to truly work in this field.

Hair Styling : Students can choose to go into Hair styling. They will learn the many ways to cut hair of different types and lengths. They will learn how to braid and provide extensions. They will learn the techniques and differences between a full hair coloring and light highlighting. This program will train students to become a certified hairstylist or barber.

Esthetics : The Esthetics program teaches students everything they need to know about working in a spa. They will learn proper techniques for taking care of the skin and body. This includes facials, skin analysis, hair removal and waxing, and even massage. This program will fully prepare the student for working in a spa environment.

Nails : Through the nail program, students will learn what it takes to become a nail designer. They will learn how to properly give manicures and pedicures. They will learn how to create beautiful nail art. They will have to use acrylic enhancements. Gel nails and silk wraps will be learned as well. Once done with the nail program, the students will be fully prepared to do anyone’s nails, any way they want them done.

Beauty Schools offer a wide range of programs that students may participate in. Whether they want to work in cosmetology in general, doing bits of everything, or have a specific profession in mind, they will learn what they need to know to get the job done. If they want to style hair, do nails, or work in a spa, all of these options are achievable. Visit website for more information about how to enroll in one of these great programs.

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