What You Should Do When Moving Long Distance

Now that you have accepted the job transfer to another state, how are you going to relocate all of your belongings safely? When it comes to long distance moving in NYC you can hire a team of professionals as long as you pick the right company. There are many ways to look into a company’s history before you hire them. Following some helpful tips will get you going in the right direction.

Get Referrals

First, talk to friends, family, and coworkers to see if they have any recommendations. Contact the company you are interested in and find out if they have any customers who have left recommendations about their company. You can also view reviews online or check on places like Facebook and Twitter.

Get a Quote

Next you want to get an estimate. Be up front and show the estimator every detail so that the entire move will be covered in your quote. Get the estimates in writing so you can compare them all at one time from all of the companies you have interviewed.

Once you have compiled your list, then you want to make sure the companies contact details are complete and that they can be reached anytime. Check and see what licenses, bonds, and insurances that they carry. Find out how long they have been working the business and how much experience and training in moving their staff has. Review any policies for damaged property. Make sure their employees are full time and not simply contract labor. The staff should possess expert skills in packing and loading.

Spend some time visiting with the staff at the company. Discuss their services in detail. Give them example scenarios and see what their answers are. This will help you gain additional information to help you make your decision.

It is important to make sure that the movers come to your home to give you an estimate. Remember, a company that offers rock bottom pricing could not have a very high quality of service. If the company can only be reached online, then be wary of them. If their office cannot be found in a physical location, they might be a scam. Never sign blank or open ended forms. A long distance moving in NYC that is reputable will have forms that are complete.


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