When It Comes to the Duties of Property Management Companies, Puyallup Property Owners Should Know What to Expect

One of the greatest assets for the owner of a rental property is a good property manager.  When considering property management companies, Puyallup real estate owners should choose a firm that makes them feel confident their best interests are at heart.  The best property management companies are the ones that keep properties filled with tenants, collect rent payments, maintain tax records, and maintain and upkeep the property.  There are several important duties of a good real estate manager, and an understanding of these tasks can be helpful when deciding on the best management company for your property.

Tenants and Occupancy
The most essential function of property management companies is their handling of leasing and tenants.  Property managers market and show vacant properties, run background checks on prospective tenants, obtain signed leasing agreements, and collect rent payments.  Additionally, maintenance requests and other tenant needs are handled through the rental manager.  Another important function of a property management company is the handling of evictions in the event a tenant does not abide by the rental agreement or fails to pay rent.

Facility Management
Expanding upon the responsibility of the property manager to handle maintenance requests for the property, real estate management companies are responsible for all aspects of facility management for the properties they supervise.  Responsibilities that fall into this category include managing upkeep of the facility, completing required inspections, and maintaining an active list of contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other repair servicers who are authorized to attend to maintenance issues in and around the property.

Financial and Administrative Management
Property management firms handle all aspects of budgeting and record keeping for the properties they are in charge of.  These firms produce end-of-year tax documents for property owners, budget for marketing of the property in the event of a vacancy, and complete all other basic financial tasks required.  Real estate management companies also handle all legal forms and record keeping, making sure all records and documents are meticulous and meet all standards required by law.

Real Property Management Today is a full-service property management company, servicing Puyallup, Summit and the surrounding areas.  Our real estate management team is skilled in meeting all property owner needs, from locating qualified tenants to offering 24 hours daily assistance and support to both property owners and tenants.

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