When Stairs Become a Problem for the Disabled Stair Lifts are the Answer

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Health

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Wheelchairs and scooters provide mobility and freedom to those who have had an accident or have a condition that that restricts movement. Ramps help the wheelchair-bound get in and out of buildings. However, those who have to climb stairs still have a problem that a mobility device can’t solve. Many people have resolved this issue by installing a stair lift. For the Disabled Stair Lifts provide freedom to move from floor to floor safely and comfortably.

Stair lifts solve many life problems and offer a host of benefits:

* EASY INSTALLATION : In addition to being a mobility solution for the Disabled Stair Lifts have the advantage of fitting into virtually any space. Professional installers can evaluate the stairway and create a custom lift to fit. Lifts can be installed on small or large stairways. Installation is done quickly and efficiently and the lift can be folded so that anyone can walk on the stairs when the lift is not in use. Lifts typically have their own battery.

* CUSTOMIZATION : Lifts can be adapted for many types of stairs, including curved stairways. The lift itself is matched to the user’s needs. Seats can be customized, and lifts can often be created to accommodate heavier weights.

* FREEDOM : Disabled people who use wheelchairs and scooters can stay in their multi-level homes when they have stair lifts. Lifts allow them the freedom to move anywhere they want to.

* SAFETY : Relatives often worry about the safety of senior citizens or the handicapped. They are especially concerned that those who have mobility or balance problems can fall when climbing stairs. Stair lifts solve this problem and provide a safe way to travel and up and down stairways. They provide peace of mind to users and their family.

* COMFORT : Many times people are able to walk on stairways, but conditions such as Arthritis make it painful. Stair lifts include comfortable seats which can make moving from floor-to-floor easy and painless.

Stair lifts provide a safe, comfortable way for the disabled to gain more freedom. They allow them to stay in their multi-level homes, and provide peace of mind to family.

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