When Staying Comfortable is Key: Furnace Repair In Palatine

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Air Conditioning

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Few things can compare to coming to a comfortable home after a long day. No matter what was being done away from it, the return to the place you call your own is truly cathartic in and of itself. No matter the season, making sure that yours is a comfortable place to rest relies heavily on the health of your heating and air conditioning system. When winter comes and the heat does not, finding Furnace Repair in Palatine becomes critical to restore the balance of a cozy home.

Many times, because they are taken for granted, heating systems can fall into disrepair. Relatively speaking, furnaces have fewer moving parts to rely upon, which can be both their blessing and their curse. Not used year round in most places, there can come times that the system needs attention to work properly. Because the odds are rare that Furnace Repair in Palatine is during traditional working hours, many companies offer round the clock service. This may seem trivial but to those who wake in the dead of a Winter’s night to a downright chilly home, this is truly comforting to know.

Taking the time to have routine maintenance performed can go quite a way in extending the life of existing equipment and preventing the need for Furnace Repair in Palatine. Because of the potentially dangerous portions of this, even the most staunch “weekend warriors” would do well to leave maintaining their own furnace to the professionals. Regular maintenance is typically at the start of the cooler weather seasons, and includes basics such as:

replacing the filter

inspecting all belts and pulleys

cleaning the blower motor

pilot light inspection

By keeping on the maintenance schedule as provided by the manufacturer of your particular system, you help lessen the chances of needing Furnace Repair in Palatine.

Sometimes, sheer age proves the victor when it comes to the efficiency of any heating system. Furnaces, with all the working parts they may be, are no different. The average life cycle for a furnace is only 15-20 years, so take that into consideration when you find yourself in need of repairs that may be costly. With the advances in energy consumption taken into consideration, a new heating system may be far more affordable than lengthy repairs. Working hand in hand with a professional will help you make the right decision for your needs. Visit Five Star Heating & Air, Inc for more information.