Who Uses Screen Printing Mesh?

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Printing

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Screen Printing Mesh is used in the screen printing process. This mesh or screen is used to position the ink onto each specific order. The screens are designed by an art department which utilizes a graphical image to burn the image onto the screen itself. Graphic designers are employed by a given screen printing company to perform these tasks effectively. All designs are computer generated before a mesh screen is created for the selected design.

The Application Process

In screen printing, the art department supplies the screen printing staff with these screens. Each order has its own screen. The image is burnt into the mesh to allow the printer to apply in onto shirts and other items required to fulfill the order. Orders that require more than one color are produced by stencilers. These printers create intricate designs for orders that ensure that the colors line up neatly and provide a professional finish.


Stenciling is used in silkscreen and other printing methods. The individuals producing the order through these methods is referred to as a stenciler. He or she forced paint through a mesh screen to force the image onto the required product. He or she utilizes a squeegee or blade to force the paint through the mesh. This process is used most often for multicolor products such as clothing.


Screen Printing Mesh is used for the production of athletic apparel. This includes jerseys worn by football players and other athletic team members. A screen printing service supplies sports teams with athletic gear that brandishes their team logo. Additionally, they manufacture apparel for fans that are sold through their distribution centers and retailers. Some of this apparel is created through automatic presses, and others may require stenciling depending on the selected design.

Custom Printing

Anyone who wishes to place a custom order for T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other items hire a screen printing service to perform these services. Pricing for custom orders depends upon the materials used for each order, the number of colors used, and the quality of items required. You should contact your preferred screen printing service to establish pricing and to place your order.

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