Why Build a High Tensile Fence in Scranton

By now, most people have heard what high tensile fences are. However, not all people realize the benefits of a high tensile fence. In fact, not many farmers know about this kind of fence. Most prefer to go with the gauged barbed wire fences or electric fences installed on 2 by 4s nailed to the post. Although these are the common choices for the most part, they are not the most effective. The barbed wire fence tends to rust away far too easily, while the electrical fence is easy to knock off the porcelain cups if an animal is determined.

High tensile fences on the other hand, offer a permanent solution to most problems. They come in different designs, allowing for three-wired electrified high tensile fence capable of meeting any challenge. This kind of fence features pressure treated posts, installed in intervals of 50 feet apart. The main advantage of this is the fact that it keeps the cost of materials down, making it the most affordable fencing structure available.

The 12.5 gauge high tensile fence is the most durable. It has an overall greater strength compared to other fences and high tensile fences. On top of this, it incorporates a springy nature, different from other types of fencing. When farm animals manage to go through the fence, there is slight damage on it due to this. Other types of fences experience damage if an animal goes through it.

For added security, fiber glass is added in intervals along the fence, which, together with the pressure treated wood posts, they form a formidable force capable of stopping any intruder. A high tensile fence has an extra coating on the wire, which prevents the rusting mentioned earlier. This guarantees a longer lifespan compared to let’s say, barbed wire fencing.

If you are looking for durable and affordable fencing, you want to go with a high tensile fence for the following reasons:

1. Longer lifespan owing to pressure treated posts and double coated wires.
2. Added strength and resiliency compared to other fencing structures.
3. Low costs attributed to minimal materials used in the construction of the fence.
4. Lack of barbs ensures safety of all people and animals. There are no nasty cuts associated with this fencing.

The question that remains is; can you get high tensile fence Scranton fittings? The answer is yes. In fact, you do not have to get out of your house. Just get on a computer and on your favorite search engine, type this in exactly ‘high tensile fence Scranton’. This should reveal a number of suppliers within the area. Now all that is left is locating a reliable high tensile fence Scranton installation company and within days, you will get the best fencing available in the market.

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