Why More Companies Are Using Mobile Document Shredding In Long Beach

Companies that exchange sensitive or personal information during business transactions are susceptible to fraud, including identity theft. While there are measures a business can take to keep their data safe, one of the most effective is to shred any documents that contain personal and sensitive information. While small shredding devices can be purchased for smaller amounts of document destruction, more companies are choosing to use a professional company that provides mobile Document Shredding in Long Beach to help keep their information safe.

Certificate Of Destruction

Organizations in the healthcare, finance, or education industries often have to show that sensitive documents are destroyed according to federal or state regulations. When a shredding company arrives on sight, the technician will make a note of the bins that were emptied and provide the business with a document that proves that the items were destroyed. This can help a company remain compliant with any regulations that may govern the disposal of materials in its industry.

Reduce Internal Security Threats

When an employee is responsible for shredding items, they may be tempted to read what they are destroying, and many of the documents may contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be viewed. Rather than hoping employees won’t see the data, hire a professional who will not look at any documents before placing them in the shredder. This can significantly reduce the chances of internal fraud, and keep any confidential information out of the wrong hands.

Large Quantities Accepted

Another benefit of using a mobile Document Shredding in Long Beach is that they can process large quantities of documents at one time, which reduces the effort needed to complete the shredding. Rather than paying an employee an hourly wage for feeding papers into a feeder, let a company destroy the documents in just a few minutes. Whether it is 500 pieces of paper or 5,000, they have the commercial equipment to make it easy.

Document security is critical, which is why companies large and small are leaving it to a professional. The team at Shred Confidential offers customized shredding services, which allows any business to meet their security needs without breaking the bank. Visit Goshredconfidential.com to learn more and take the first step in keeping confidential information safe.

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