Why Use a Plastic Spool Reel?

Spool reels are round, drum-shaped objects on which wires and cables are wound. They are important because they help in the easy transportation, storage and usage of wires and cables and they prevent the entangling of wires. Several materials are used for spool reels, but one of the most popular is the plastic spool reel because of its many advantages.

Plastic is advantageous in that it is environmentally friendly (plastic is easy to recycle). This is particularly important in today’s world when customers are conscious about the carbon footprint of the companies they are dealing with. Most plywood and wood spool reels are not reusable and are meant for shipping purposes only. In 2005, 21.8% of the plastic used in packaging was recycled worldwide. Using plastic spool reels means you will be doing your part in preventing the filling up of landfills. It takes less energy to recycle plastic. Even if your spool reel is not recycled into another reel or another functional item, chances are that it will be used to make energy from waste (EfW) in an incinerator.

You also reduce your carbon footprint with a plastic spool reel since there will not be felling of trees. Trees are heat sinks and felling them adds to the greenhouse effect. Plastic spool reels are just as strong as spools made of steel. New technologies mean it is possible to make such strong plastics as High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. Plastic spools are made to be dent and impact resistant. They are also chemical resistant. This means these reels can be used in harsh environments and they can be left outdoors. Recycling is also important because it leads to energy creation.

You could have plastic spool reels that are reinforced with kick-offs and core-throughs if you want added strength. Another of the great advantages of these spools is that they are economical. Plastic is cheaper than wood and steel, the other commonly used materials for spools. Molding is the most popular method for making of plastic spool reels, meaning the assembly time and assembly cost is very low. The molding process leads to a maintenance-free product.

Plastics have great aesthetic value. You could have the color you want incorporated in the molded piece, meaning there will be no need for secondary painting. You could have such things as your company’s logo and your company colors incorporated into the plastic. This means there is no risk of these coming off.

A plastic spool reel is lighter than a steel reel. This is important for shipping purposes since loads are usually charged based on weight. The light weight of the spool reels also means the reels are easier to use in the workplace.

It is important that you know the advantages of a plastic spool reel over reels made of other materials as this will help you make informed decisions.

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