Why You Need Professionals to Control Rats in Portland

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Pest Control

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A rat infestation in your home can result in many problems. A rodent invasion is also far more difficult to control than most people realize. Professionals should always be called when there are problems with Rats in Portland homes.

There are several services and benefits that professionals offer when they are called on to remove an infestation of Rats in Portland homes. Experts can:

LOCATE THE PROBLEM: Rodents deliberately set up housekeeping in hidden areas, where they quickly multiply. Professionals are very familiar with different types of rats, and know their nesting and eating habits. This allows them to find areas where rats nest or travel. These can even include overhead pipes, metal beams, and ledges. It can be dangerous for inexperienced people to try to find and eliminate the animals.

REDUCE DAMAGE AND CREATE A HEALTHIER HOME: Rats carry diseases, leave unsanitary droppings, and can bite. They can also cause serious damage to a building’s structure. When customers call professionals to eliminate Rats in Portland homes, pest control experts can locate damage and advise customers of needed repairs and clean up. Technicians will then eliminate all pests, to prevent further damage or health issues.

PROVIDE COMPLETE SOLUTIONS: In some cases it takes a combination of measures to completely solve the problem when there are Rats in Portland homes. Professional technicians assess each home, and design a solution to fit the type of infestation. They may use a combination of traps, bait, and other methods. Once the problem is solved, experts will use various methods to prevent a re-occurrence. This process usually starts with finding and sealing access areas.

EDUCATE CUSTOMERS: Homeowners may be unaware that they are providing food and shelter that attracts pests. Professional pest control technicians will inspect property, and teach customers how to make their property less appealing to rodents. This may include cleaning up wood piles, trimming trees, and restricting access to water.

When rats invade a home, they can damage its structure, and create unhealthy conditions. Rat invasions should always be handled by professionals, who can efficiently find and remove them, while taking steps to prevent their return.