Will We Ever Find Out Who Killed JFK?

When people ask who killed JFK, it’s rarely a simple answer. The official record states that Lee Harvey Oswald was the man who shot President John F.Kennedy, although the conspiracy that has developed around the case over the last 50 years has never shown any sign of abating. Despite the findings of the Warren Commission, there were so many problems with the evidence put forward and the assumptions made by the commission that to this day people question not only the Warren Commissions findings, but the motivations of the people involved in the entire process.

So Who Killed JFK Then?

There are numerous conspiracy theories; much of it spurred on by the events themselves and the aftermath. There are widespread reports of witness intimidation and in many cases even the death of witnesses too. With that alone, the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was the man who killed JFK is shared by few. If Lee Harvey Oswald was the man who killed JFK, then why was their a need for witness intimidation? And why were witnesses dying so mysteriously following the tragic event?

There are numerous theories that point towards a few perpetrators. Some of those would include:

The CIA – Evidence in the lat 1990’s has emerged that showed both the FBI and CIA had tampered with the files on Lee Harvey Oswald. These claims were originally denied, even though they were part of the Warren Commissions investigation. That the CIA did tamper with the files is not confirmation of conspiracy, but it certainly does raise a few questions regarding motivation

Federal Reserve – JFK issued Executive Order 1110, which would have seen a reduction in Federal Reserve power with regards to silver coins. There is a belief that JFK was highly critical of the Federal Reserve and had intentions of seeing an end to the Federal Reserve System under his leadership

Israeli Conspiracy – This theory is based on the fact that JFK was highly critical of the Israeli push for nuclear weapons and technology.  Israel believed JFK to be an Arab sympathizer, and credibility is added to the conspiracy theory by linking Meyer Lansky and Lyndon Johnson.  Later on, a man by the name of Mordechai Vanunu claimed that Israel was behind the assassination and that it was Israel who killed JFK

So who killed JFK then?

The sad truth is that we may never know. One thing that is becoming more certain however is that there is a very good chance Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy and nothing more than an innocent person who was caught up in it all. As more and more evidence emerges, Lee Harvey Oswald’s exoneration appears to be drawing nearer.

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