2 Other Causes That Contribute to a Bunion Forming and Who to Visit in IL

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Health

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Have you been experiencing extreme pain and discomfort and suspect that it is due to a bunion formation? Have you been told by your friends and family members that it may be due to wearing narrow footwear but have advised them that you do not wear this type of footwear? Are you now wondering what else can cause a bunion to form? If so, then here are two other causes and some ways to find temporary relief before visiting a healthcare professional.

Flat Feet or Low Arches

Flat feet or low arches can cause a bunion to form. This is to the existing concerns that pronation can cause, in particular, issues regarding impact distribution upon landing. One way to find temporary relief from bunion symptoms due to flat feet or low arches is to utilize padded soles with adequate room for your toes in your footwear.

Foot Trauma and Injury

Another cause of bunion formation is due to foot trauma or injury. You may have injured your feet during an activity, whether walking or running. This injury may have moved some of your bones out of place. One way to help you find temporary relief from the pain you are experiencing is to place a bag of crushed ice or frozen vegetable over the bunion to ease swelling and pain.

Highest Quality Foot Care

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