2 Types of Behavioral Assessments to Use for Your Practice in California

You have been managing a behavioral health practice for several years. You take pride in providing your patients with the highest quality care possible and are now looking for innovative ways to further help your patients with their needs. Recently, you have been noticing that the current paper-based assessment tools you have been using are quickly becoming outdated, which is no longer supporting the modern needs of your patients. Here are 2 types of assessments you should consider using to help you identify the needs of your patients.

Child Assessment

One type of assessment that will help you identify your patient’s modern needs is a child developmental assets assessment software tool for adolescents. This type of child assessment tool consists of a framework of forty developmental assets. Behaviors, experiences, relationships, and skills can be identified using this specific tool.

Adult Assessment

Another type of assessment you should consider using to help you identify the needs of your patients is an adult assessment software tool like the behavior and symptom identification scale. This tool will help you identify symptoms that occur across the diagnostic spectrum.

The Experts Who Offer the Best Software

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