3 Benefits of Using Software for Cap Table Management in Salt Lake City

What is a cap table? A capitalization table shows how an organization’s ownership equity is divided into shares of common stock and voting rights. It also displays what percentage stake each person has in the company, as well as their corresponding shareholdings. Cap tables can be used to track any type of equity splits, such as those for preferred or restricted stock. This blog post will list benefits that you may not know about using cap table software.

Software for Cap Table Management Is Easier to Use and Less Time-Consuming

Software for cap table management is easier to use and less time-consuming. All you have to do is enter the company’s name, then fill in your contact information! You can also input any number of investors which will automatically populate all the necessary fields such as percentage ownership and value from investments.

It Can Save You Money by Eliminating the Need for Expensive Legal Counsel

One of the top benefits of using software for cap table management is the elimination of expensive legal counsel. Lawyers typically charge anywhere from $200 to $400 an hour! With a subscription service, you’ll have access to top-tier lawyers at any given moment without breaking your bank account in the process.

You Have More Control Over Your Data With Software Than With a Spreadsheet or Manual Process

Another top benefit of using software for cap table management is that you have more control over your data. You can track a variety of other types of equity splits on the same platform, including those related to preferred or restricted stock. The application will automatically save and backup any changes made, so there’s no risk of losing your data.

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