3 Benefits Offered by a Competent Jones Act Attorney in Houston

Did you know that the Jones Act was first enacted by the US Congress under the name of the “Marine Act” in 1920? It was supposed to promote the development of merchant marine fleet in the US. Senator Wesley L. Jones of Washington sponsored this law, so it was later named as the “Jones Law”. The Act  facilitates compensation against job-related damages to seamen. Maritime workers spend 30 percent of their time on board. Therefore, the Act works as a federal law which protects seamen against medical expense, lost wages, household services loss and even loss of life. To receive compensation, one has to consult an attorney. This article will provide an insight into the benefits provided by a competent Jones Act attorney in Houston.

Jones Act Attorney in Houston: Benefits Offered

The following are the benefits offered by a reputed Jones Act attorney in Houston for maritime accidents:

1.Claim against unseaworthy vessels

It is the duty of the vessel owner to provide a ship that is seaworthy. A seaworthy vessel implies one that is not only in minimum danger of sinking but is also fully equipped with a competent crew and safety gears. At times, a vessel is seaworthy on shore but the dangers during voyage make it unseaworthy. Therefore, any injury caused due to the lack of safety gears on the ship or because of incompetent staff members can be claimed with the help of a reputed Jones Act attorney in Houston.

2.Maintenance compensation

The Act also facilitates maintenance and cure compensation if a seaman is injured in the vessel. Maintenance includes unearned wages of $10– $40  for food, shelter and transportation of the victim. Cure compensation includes medical care and hospitalization services until the patients’ condition improves. It is recommended that a seaman possess a valid Act claim to be able to obtain significant damage awards, in addition to maintenance and cure benefits.

3.Claim against responsibility of third parties

The Act allows seamen to claim compensation even when the injury is caused by another employee of an autonomous contactor. If the injury is caused by unsafe environment or negligence of the contractor’s employees, a seaman has the power to sue the employer and ask for compensation for pain and suffering, extra damages and lost wages. Professionals identify all feasible source of recovery by filing a cause of action against the contractor or employer on behalf of the claimant, in addition to the Act.
An injured seaman must always consult a skilled and experienced Houston attorney to either file an injury claim or settle a claim with the employer to maximize his maintenance recovery.


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