3 Considerations for 2006 F350 Glow Plug Replacement in Surprise, AZ

As of 2006, the Chevy engine has changed to a revised GM engine known as the “Gen III” or “Gen IV.” This makes it all the more important to change your glow plugs if you have a vehicle older than 2006 and are still running on that engine. This blog post will focus on factors to consider when choosing a 2006 F350 glow plug replacement in Surprise, AZ.

1. Is the truck covered?

Chevy does not offer an extended warranty after the original contract has expired. If you must seek repair, you must pay for it out of pocket. While some people may very well be able to afford this, many people cannot or choose to buy a different truck. If you decide to buy a used truck, ensure it is free of defects and has been well-maintained.

2. Is the truck overused?

If you choose to buy a 2006 F350, make sure that the truck has been used effectively. If it has been consistently used for many years or is over 6-7 years old, the glow plugs will have already been used longer than they should be. Changing them out will be necessary to remedy any damage they might have done to the engine due to overuse.

3. What will be the cost?

The cost of change-outs will vary from vehicle to vehicle. If you need to replace the glow plugs, you may need to remove the entire engine and rebuild or replace it. You want to avoid being caught with a truck not in proper working condition because you did not change the glow plugs when necessary.

While these are some factors to consider when choosing a 2006 F350 glow plug replacement in Surprise, AZ, there are also many other factors you need to consider. There is no reason for your beloved truck to need repair when you can make the necessary changes yourself.

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