3 Critical Questions To Ask When Hiring Green Cleaning Bartlesville

Remember when you were young, and your mother or nanny complained of unending house chores? Guess who’s complaining now? You. So, you’ve decided to hire green cleaning maids in Bartlesville so that you can enjoy the good life? Good choice, but where do you find green cleaning services that won’t disappoint you? During your interviewing process, you might want to ask these three questions to avoid making a costly mistake.

Are you licensed and insured?

You probably have come across this question before but might not realize why it’s important to ask a professional coming inside your home, before hiring them. Licensing in the cleaning industry simply means that the professional or company in question has the necessary permits to offer the services in green cleaning in Bartlesville, that you are paying them for. Insurance, on the other hand, ensures that you are protected from liability in case the cleaner gets into an accident or damages property during the time they are cleaning inside your home.

How many people should I expect?

It’s vital that you know how many cleaners will be in the house during the contract period. It is possible to request the same team come out to clean your house in order to build trust and confidence in your cleaner.

How much are you charging me?

Green cleaning service in Bartlesville is often charged based on the scope of cleaning area, hours hired and complexity of the tasks. Discuss all your options to get on the same page about cost before you hire.

We hope that these questions will help you avoid hiring the wrong green cleaner to come into your home. If you want to hire the best you can do that here: https://www.Website.com. Or Call now!

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