3 Misconceptions About Wills and Estate Plans

People spend more time planning an itinerary for their vacation instead of planning for the future. But if you want to protect your loved ones, it’s essential that you have a will and estate plan. In case something happens to you, your will and estate plan will ensure your assets are distributed to your loved ones. This also prevents probate and keeps anyone from contesting your will. If you’re still not certain, here are some misconceptions that might be getting in the way. Bust these myths the next time you hear them.

They’re Only for the Rich

As long as you have assets, accounts, and insurance, you’ll want to make it easier for your loved ones to get the money that you’ve set aside for them. That’s where wills and estates planning in Calgarycome in. Even if you don’t have oodles of cash, whatever assets you have still need to be properly distributed when you pass away. Make sure those assets get to your loved ones with a solid will.

I’m Too Young

Anything can happen. Death isn’t limited to a certain age group. If you have assets, take the time to create a will and estate plan. That way, even if anything happens, you won’t have to worry about your assets being in a mess.

I Need a Lawyer

If you have a simple financial situation you won’t need a lawyer to draft the documents for you. You can also download a state-specific form if you want a health care directive, like an NR (no resuscitation) order. You can draft legal documents on your own. If you have a complex financial situation or multiple assets, though, getting a lawyer is best for you. A lawyer knows how to create a will and estate plan that won’t leave any legal loopholes or wiggle room that others might take advantage of, so what you leave for your loved ones will be safe. For more info click here.

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