3 Mistakes People Make While Cooking With Charcoal in San Francisco, CA

There’s almost nothing quite as delicious as freshly grilled food. If you’re unhappy with your grilling results, it might be because you’re making a few mistakes. You can make sure your next cooking event is a hit by avoiding these three mistakes people make while cooking with charcoal.

Lifting Your Grill’s Lid Too Often

One of the most common grilling mistakes is to lift your grill’s lid too often. It’s good to care about the food you’re cooking by keeping a close eye on it. However, lifting your grill’s lid too often causes heat to escape. As heat escapes, it only increases the amount of time your foods will need to properly cook.

Neglecting to Use Your Grill’s Vents

The vents on your grill help to regulate both temperature and how charcoal burns. Therefore, not using your vents while grilling can lead to problems. If you’re having issues with your vents, it might be time to find a new charcoal grill in San Francisco, CA.

Putting Your Food on the Grill Too Soon

It’s understandable to want to enjoy a freshly prepared meal as soon as possible, especially while you’re grilling. However, make sure that your desire to eat doesn’t mean you’re placing food on the grill too fast. When you do this, it can cause your food to get stuck on your grill’s grates and slightly alter your food’s flavor.

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