3 Occasions That Call for Printing Custom T Shirts

No wardrobe is complete without T shirts. They’re great for all sorts of warm weather events. In fact, a bulk order of custom printed T shirts may be just what you need for an upcoming event. Here are three examples of activities that call for a custom T shirt printing in Edmonton.

A Company Bowling League

Bowling leagues are a lot of fun and provide a chance for employees to socialize outside the workplace. They are also a great opportunity for employees to wear custom T shirts that advertise the business. More affordable than the standard bowling shirt, the T shirts can be worn by team supporters as well as team members.

A Fund Raising Event

It’s not unusual for non-profit organizations to order T shirts in bulk for fund raising events. They may serve as prices to give away, be part of a welcome kit for anyone who registers for the event, or be available for purchase to anyone who wants to support the event. Some organizations collect orders prior to the T shirt printing in Edmonton while others place orders in bulk and request quantities in various sizes.

A Class Reunion

There’s no doubt that bulk T shirt printing in Edmonton is a great idea for a class reunion. The shirts can be worn to different events during the reunion and also serve as something that everyone can keep long after the reunion is over. Even people who can’t make it to the event can order shirts and help to cover the expenses for the event.

There are plenty of other reasons to order custom T shirts. Do you have an event coming up soon? Talk with a printer and see what can be done. You may find that the right type of T shirt design will make a good thing even better.

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