3 Qualities You Want in a Dog Daycare

Your dog deserves the best. That’s why you only want to take the pet to the best dog daycare that Chicago offers. Whether your pet goes every day while you are at work or ends up staying for few days, you want to ensure your dog is cared for properly. Here are three of the qualities that the facility must have before you consider leaving your pet with the staff.

Room to Play

The last thing you want is for your dog to be cooped up in a small space all day long. You can bet that the best dog daycare in Chicago will have an outdoor area that’s properly secured and supervised. Several times during the day, the staff will take your pet outside so the animal can enjoy the sunshine, play with the other dogs, and in general get some exercise.

Secure Places to Take a Nap

While room to play is great, your pet also needs a cozy space to enjoy a nap. Ideally, the dog daycare you choose will have rooms or at least special spaces with comfortable beds for the pets to settle into. It’s nice when those areas are equipped with soothing music or at least a television with the volume on low in the background. Those sounds help to soothe pets and make it easier for them to feel at home.

Staff Who Care for the Pets

Along with the features of the facility, staff who genuinely like and care for the dogs makes a big difference. In order for your pets to feel safe, they must sense that their temporary caretakers will spend time with them, provide food and snacks at appropriate times, and maybe even spent time playing with the dog or brushing the coat. You’ll find that the best dog daycare Chicago ensures every member of the staff are trained in how to ensure the dogs have attention along with all the creature comforts they deserve.

Do you need a safe place for your pet while you work or take a brief trip out of town? Contact the team at the Chicago Canine Academy and let’s talk about what we offer. You can also learn more visit website. It won’t take long to see why so many people trust us with their beloved pets.

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