3 Reasons for the Popularity of Cremation Services in Harrisburg, PA

It is becoming common for Harrisburg families with centuries of traditional funerals behind them to now opt for cremation. Many who choose Cremation Services in Harrisburg PA want extra time to plan services and notify everyone involved. Cremation is much less expensive than classic arrangements and makes it possible to hold virtually any type of service, in any location.

It Is Easier to Make Plans

Cremation Services in Harrisburg PA can make it much easier to handle all of the details that follow a death. Families are faced with dozens of choices in the hours and days after death, which are often the most difficult times of their lives. Cremation can eliminate much of the stress by providing more time to plan future steps. Cremation providers will pick up bodies from the place of death and cremate them in as little as a day or two. They return the ashes to families, who can then take their time contacting everyone involved and then designing services.

Families Need to Cut Funeral Costs

Many families choose cremation because it allows them to arrange dignified funerals without going deeply into debt. Some people do not have insurance, and even those who do may not want $10,000 or more of the proceeds to go into funerals. Cremation providers offer simple, direct cremation for less than $1,000. For that price they will pick up the body, take it to their facility and then cremate it. They return ashes in basic containers, but offer clients the option to buy extras like upgraded vessels, memorial jewelry, extra copies of documents and even DNA banking.

Services Can Be More Personal

Once families have received cremains, they are free to create personalized ceremonies in which ashes may be scattered or buried in meaningful locations. Many coordinate celebrations of life in favorite places. Since time is not a factor, they can wait until everyone is available and hold events at any time of year.

Cremation is fast becoming the most popular choice for funerals, often because it provides an affordable way to hold dignified memorials. Families may also opt for cremation in order to reduce the stress after a death and because it allows them to design very personal tributes.

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