3 Reasons To Choose Ricoh Copiers

Shopping for copiers in Fairfield will provide you with a range of different machines. These will all have different functions, features, copying abilities and, of course, different prices.

There are some names that are synonymous with copiers, but one name that stands out for the quality of the copies it produces is the Ricoh line of color and black and white copiers.

Ricoh copiers provide crisp, clear and true colors with every copy. Of course, they can also be used to create black and white copying as well, making them a versatile printer for any Fairfield business.

Options in Copying

Designed for business use, Ricoh copiers of different sizes and models offer the ability to scan and copy large size materials up to eleven by seventeen inches with most models. Unlike most copiers, there is also the option to choose a twelve by eighteen-inch copy option with an additional bypass tray that can be used on many of the models.

Speed of Copying

While the Ricoh copiers are not the fastest copiers on the market, they are more than adequate for most businesses with the ability to copy up to 20 pages per minute with quality.

These are also copiers that do not need an extended warm-up time, which means in that in less than a half a minute they are ready to copy in either color or black and white. This is faster than other copiers, which is a point worth consideration.

Additionally, these copiers can handle a wide variety of different types of print paper, including heavier weight paper. They also come with built-in fax ability, allowing copies to be sent from the central control panel on any connected computer, plus the system can be controlled through a web browser for copy management without having to stand beside the machine.

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