3 Reasons to Use Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar energy technology is an astounding, rapidly progressing branch of energy science that has already made a huge difference in the way that the world thinks about renewable energy. For a long time, solar energy was available only to a limited market, but more and more individuals are beginning to adopt solar energy systems for their homes! Now that companies providing solar panel installation have come to the Bay Area, why should you consider going solar?

  1. Solar energy is so great that the government may offer you incentives or tax credits, depending on your location and circumstances, to lessen the cost of your initial investment in Bay Area solar panel installation. Semper Solaris predicts that, as solar energy becomes more popular on a wider basis, these incentives will disappear. Now is the time!

  2. The price of solar power systems has seen a significant drop since their first appearance on the market. In fact, some Chinese solar manufacturers dropped their costs around 60% between the years 2011 and 2014. Now that solar energy systems are catching on as a popular alternative to home energy solutions, prices are dropping while technology is improving. You have nothing to lose.

  3. Between February 2017 and February 2018, residences in the San Francisco area the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour increased by an average of 1.6 cents. As the cost of energy increases, the cost of living in Northern California and the Bay Area will continue to increase even more. Despite the initial investment of solar panel installation, the utilization of solar energy can save a fortune on electricity usage.

Energy isn’t cheap, but as solar power technology sees continual advances, more and more ways are becoming available to save on energy with a minimal investment. As the accessibility of solar energy increases, so will your savings, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor to assess how solar energy might be right for your home.

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