3 Security Tips for Residential Garage Door Openers in Brandon, FL

Automatic residential garage door openers are pretty convenient, but they can also fall short in security, depending on the situation. Garage door openers have a lever that can prevent the door from opening automatically or allow it to be opened manually. While this can be convenient for some, it can be dangerous since others have the ability to take advantage of this feature and break into the garage.

Keep the following tips in mind to ensure the best safety practices are followed:

1. Make sure to disable the emergency release lever

This can be one of the best ways to prevent people from using a coat hanger or other objects to get inside of the garage. This will also mean that residents of the home won’t be able to get in this way either though. Talk to a professional for residential garage door openers in Brandon, FL, to learn more.

2. Get rid of the cord

The cord that is attached to the emergency lever is pretty convenient for those that need to trip the lever. It can also be pretty easy for thieves and intruders to grab onto this cord from outside using objects like hangers.

3. Lock the release lever

Some garage residential door openers in Brandon, FL, can allow people to use a cable tie or other thin materials to tie it to the carriage assembly that it is attached to. The lever usually always has a hole in it to attach to the release cord. If the lever doesn’t have a hole, it is very easy to just drill one into it. The main idea is that people should make it impossible for anything like hangers or other thin wire-like materials to be able to pull the lever down.

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