3 Simple Reasons Why You Might Need to Rent More Than One New York Exhibit

Most of the time, renting one trade show exhibit is enough. If you find yourself in the envious position of needing more than one, don’t worry. The right provider of trade show exhibit rentals New York will be happy to help. Here are three scenarios that would call for renting more than one exhibit at a time.

You’re Registered To Exhibit At Two Events During The Same Time Frame

Your company has the opportunity to participate in two important annual events. The only problem is that they are happening at the same time. Instead of passing up on one opportunity, why not rent more than one exhibit? A supplier can ensure that exhibits are shipped to the locations for each event. All you have to do is settle on the graphics and arrange for company personnel to be present at each function.

You’ve Reserved Two Exhibit Spaces At The Same Event

While it’s unusual, some company owners will choose to set up two exhibits at the same event. The goal is often to reserve exhibit space at opposite ends of the area where the exhibits are housed. This works especially well if your company offers two services that can be used singly or together. Devote each of the trade show exhibit rentals New York to a single service while also subtly directing traffic to the other exhibit.

You Have Two Events Scheduled Back To Back

There are two events scheduled, but the second begins on the last day of the first. There’s no time to pack up and ship the exhibit from one location to the next. In this scenario, arrange two trade show exhibit rentals New York. As the first event is wrapping up, that exhibit is prepared for shipment back to the rental company. At the same time, the rental company has shipped your exhibit to the location for your second event. This ensures you don’t have to leave one location in order to show up on time for the other show or convention.

Remember that renting exhibits provides you with a degree of flexibility that’s hard to achieve any other way. If you need two exhibits for any reason, talk with the rental company. They will work out the logistics and ensure your needs are met.

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