3 Thing You Need To Know About a Car Title Transfer in Des Plaines, IL

Many car owners sell their cars without help because they can make more money. However, it is more involved than just cash changing hands. It helps to understand the steps involved with the change title of car Illinois transaction. Read on to find out three things you need to know about a car title transfer.

Make Legal Owner
A vehicle title is a legal document. If the title is not transferred to the buyer, then the seller is still the owner. The buyer cannot sell the vehicle without the change title of car Illinois transfer. The seller will also still be responsible for the vehicle without a car title transfer.

Talk to the DMV
Every state has its own rules for switching a car title to another owner. You should consult with the DMV in advance before selling your vehicle. Some DMV requirements may include a bill of sale, completed application for Certificate of Title, title transfer fees, smog check, and current odometer reading.

Transfer Ownership
It does not take long to do a vehicle title transfer. You will need to complete the paperwork. After completing the document, the agent will run a check to verify the information. The car title must be in the owner’s name to be a legal owner.

It would be best if you did not forget to cancel the registration and insurance. After filling out the forms, you must complete the change title of car title transfer. Contact West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. to skip the long lines.

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