3 Things a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Pasco County Can Do for You

Filing bankruptcy is a very important decision and should start with having a trusted bankruptcy lawyer in Pasco County on your side. Deciding whether bankruptcy is right for you and which chapter is right to file requires the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Pasco County.

What the Right Lawyer Can Do

If you are on the fence about filing bankruptcy knowing what benefits you can expect from the right lawyer can help you to decide.

Filing bankruptcy can:

  1. Stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors
  2. Help you to keep your home when faced with foreclosure
  3. Give you the opportunity to straighten out your finances

Harassing Phone Calls

Have you been getting phone calls at work and at home from overzealous debt collectors?

Not only can it be an annoyance, but it can put your job in jeopardy when you are receiving debt collector phone calls at work. The right attorney will put an immediate end to the harassment.

Foreclosure and Pending Repossession

Once you file bankruptcy, the power of the automatic stay takes effect. That also means foreclosure is stopped right in its tracks and pending repossessions also must stop.

Bankruptcy can help you to stay in your home and keep your car!

A Fresh Financial Start

Bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to start fresh and put the debt behind you. You will have some breathing room and be able to get your finances back on track. The right attorney can help you to take advantage of the bankruptcy laws.

The Law Offices of Robert M Geller is the place to learn more about how bankruptcy can benefit you, your family and your finances! It is time to take charge of your finances.

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