3 Things to Know about Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets in Tuscon AZ

Cabinets can make or break a kitchen. They can brighten up the entire room, update the feel of the home, and provide storage for pots, pans, and dishware. Together with the countertop, cabinets make up the bulk of what people see when they walk into a kitchen. This means remodeling kitchen cabinets in Tucson AZ can be a major part of home renovation. Here are important things to know before getting started.

Watch Out for Countertops

While remodeling kitchen cabinets in Tucson AZ may seem like an easy job, it is important to remember that current countertops need to be removed first. Unless new countertops are part of the remodel, this has to be done very carefully to avoid damage. Also, the type of material the countertop is made out of can determine what kind of cabinets are needed. Heavy stone counters require reinforced cabinets for both counter and cabinet to last.

Does Brand Matter?

While it is not necessary to splurge on the most expensive cabinets, the new cabinets must be certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association. Certified cabinets have made it through testing based on normal kitchen use over the years. The tests include humidity, temperature changes, and spraying counters with citrus juices, vinegar, and items that normally stain such as ketchup and coffee. Browse our website for cabinet brand offerings to stand the test of time.

Keep the Room in Mind

It is easy to be swept up in the remodeling process. However, the perfect cabinet is only perfect if it suits the room. Keep in mind how countertops, flooring, and backsplash will look with the new cabinets. Will this job create more jobs? Will the rest of the kitchen now look out of place? Does it fit the existing color scheme? All of these questions should be considered with the decision and budget.

Some Final Thoughts

Selecting the right cabinets for a kitchen remodel is an important decision. It can impact the rest of the room, determine which countertop materials will work, and determine a color scheme and style. Ensure that the counters chosen will support the countertop, stand up to years of wear, and tie the room together without going over budget.

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