3 Things to Look for when Choosing a Pond Management Service

Aside from providing beauty and additional value, ponds exude serenity regardless if they were constructed in a residential or commercial setting. Although it may seem that these ponds would be self-sufficient after construction, owners still need to have the ponds managed on a regular basis.

If you’re looking into Tampa pond maintenance companies and can’t seem to choose among your options, here are three important things to consider:

1) Removal equipment – Cleaning a pond is more complicated than cleaning a swimming pool, since there are other elements, such as plants, rocks or fish, which has to be considered. The company must have all the tools needed to remove unwanted weeds and control algae without affecting the natural surroundings of the fishes and aquatic plants. Of course, professional pond cleaning equipment requires a pro to operate it as well.

2) Chemical vs. Biological Weed Control – Find a company who can provide the type of weed control you prefer. When it comes to biological weed control, a non-native herbivorous fish, called Triploid Grass Carp is used for controlling aquatic weeds like chara, southern naiad, hydrilla, and more. If a biological-type weed control cannot address the problem of your pond, then a chemical-based solution might be needed. If you are unsure of which kind of solution would be ideal for your pod, a qualified company can assess your pond and its environment before recommending an action plan.

3) Water clarification – If your property has a big pond or lake, aluminum sulfate treatment may be needed to turn brown or ‘turbid’ pond water clear. This is particularly important since turbid pond water can lead to a reoccurring algae problem or cyanobacteria outbreaks. Used primarily in the purification of drinking water and waste-water treatment plants, aluminum sulfate is mixed into the pond water and left to work it’s magic.

Ponds should be managed not just for aesthetic purposes, but to encourage fish growth, prevent the reduction of plankton product and increased water temperature.

Aside from these 3 considerations, find a company that has the best customer reviews and longest years of service from the Tampa pond maintenance companies on your list.

Charles Aquatics is one of the most trusted Tampa pond maintenance company in Florida. The company is headed by marine biologist Douglas Charles since 1992.

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