3 Tips For Parking Your Car Overnight in a Downtown Chicago Lot

Finding a great place to park your vehicle can be a challenge, so, when you do find cheap overnight parking in Chicago downtown, you’ll want to keep that option open. This means taking steps to ensure you feel as though you and your vehicle are safe in the lot. Even though the owner of the lot may have cameras and other security measures in place, there are things you can do to increase your safety.

Don’t Leave Valuables

You should remove any valuables before you leave the car for the night. Your vehicle will be far less tempting if there’s nothing visible that may be worthwhile to steal. Along with taking your valuables with you, be sure to take your vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Keeping those documents with you will protect you from identity theft.

Stay in Lighted Areas

As you leave your vehicle, stay in areas that are well lit. A good lot will have adequate lighting throughout the lot, but there may still be dark or shadowy spots on the outer edges of the property. Staying clear of those areas will help you stay safer and you won’t feel as nervous about walking alone.

Park Towards the Back

When you find cheap overnight parking in Chicago downtown, it may be better to park in the back where there are fewer cars. This will lower the risks that another driver will dent your car or scratch your door. You should also try to back into the space to make it easier to pull out in the morning.

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